A prayer for the 18th week of ordinary time in which there has been loss.


This has been a hard week for people I know.


There are comforters who need your help.

For wisdom that goes beyond training, that finds the right silence and the right speech, the right glimpse of you in the middle and at the edges.

For compassion that goes beyond feeling sorry, that is kind and patient and peace-giving and lawnmowing and longlasting. Especially that is long lasting.

Giver of speech, the Word, help them, help us, find words beyond speeches and presence that is more than words.

And help us talk to you.


Because there are kids who have seen more than they should have to, caregivers who feel they have failed, parents and children who feel adrift.

And words fail and fall short.
Promises of presence feel hollow.
Answers are not adequate.
Because when we open our eyes, the loss has not left.

God, we need you.

That is our simple request.