A prayer for those who may need it today.


I know. It’s Friday. And I only write prayers here on Sunday.

But today a friend is leading a funeral and everyone there will be, as they should be, heart-broken. And I think maybe other friends are at another funeral. And everyone I hear from, it seems, has loss and fatigue.

I know that’s not true, of course. Not everyone all the time. There is also momentary joy and there are daily delights.

But I am deeply aware that the delight doesn’t eliminate the grief. And a confidence of your eternal awareness doesn’t eliminate our present sadness, nor do you expect it to.

And so for this moment in each of our lives, I ask you to make us aware of your presence. Remind us, gently, that although we often forget you, you do not forget us.

And this weekend, I ask, give us your rest.

Through Christ our Lord.



A year ago, I gathered 15 of the things that I say to people in times of loss and I put them into a small book called This Is Hard: What I Say When Loved Ones Die. I wanted a simple resource to send to people I know, to give to people I meet with. I’ve been sharing copies recently. It may be helpful for you, too.