If you were going to follow Jesus, what would you pack?

Sometimes I ask questions before I know the answer.

A decade ago, I was working on a study guide for a couple groups I work with. I wrote the question in the title of this post. And then I started my answer.

  • Pen. Sharpie.
  • Blank paper.

And then I had to take my answer apart.

When I was asking the question, I wasn’t thinking about following like sitting and taking notes. I was thinking more about what tools I would take if I was going to follow along and work with Jesus.

I mean, some people would grab a toolbelt. They’d check for their hammer, make sure the pliers were in the little pouch for pliers, that there were screwdrivers in the appropriate loops. For those people, following looks like fixing walls that hurricanes have blasted through.

Some people would grab brown paper bags and clear baggies. They would check the shelves for knives and peanut butter and loaves of bread. For those people, following looks like feeding people just like Jesus did.

Some people would make sure they had their pneumatic wrench and floor jack for fixing the cars of single moms not getting child support who can’t afford rent let alone car repairs. For those people, following looks like caring for widows and orphans.

Some people, on their way out the door, would grab a briefcase of scrapbooking paper or a set of Bible commentaries or a handful of crayons or a calculator. Sympathy cards and sermons and crafts with kids and responsible church finances all matter.

The other day I started helping a guy think through college choices. I almost wrote on the wall with the marker in my pocket, outlining options. Instead, I dragged him to my office.

So, what’s in your pack, as you head off, following Jesus?

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