A prayer for refuge on the twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time


We need refuge.

With all the voices telling us what’s wrong, we need a place that is quiet.

With all the questions running through our heads, we need a place where we feel safe.

With all the fears for the future of the world, of our families , of our bodies, we need a place where we can ask and answer simple questions:

Is this true?

Is this real?

Is there hope?

Are you?

We know that contentment is part of the answer.

That striving for things that don’t satisfy leaves us empty.

That resting in your wisdom and presence will bring us fullness.

But being content isn’t just about thinking better or wanting less.

Being content includes knowing enough of you that we can trust you. More than money or people or feedback.

And so I ask, for me and for us, for those awaiting news of insurance approval and those awaiting test results, for those who know the time is short, for those who wonder.

I ask that you will make us aware of you, in the ways you do for those you love.

Because you love us.

Through Christ our Lord



Reflecting on Psalm 91 and 1 Timothy 6