published with two minutes left

Let me get my coffee and then I’ll finish this note.



All the time people apologize for things that do not fall into the category of “fault.”

Like forgetting to schedule a post for a particular Friday morning.

There are reasons, of course, for forgetting something that has been a regular occurrence for most of thirteen years. But my brain, and maybe yours, says things like “But if you would have planned better, if you wouldn’t procrastinate” and worse.

And in that moment, my brain, and maybe yours, forgets all the things that did happen on Thursday, and Wednesday, that were helpful and hard work and a delight, all the things that broke my heart for others, all the things that simply happened.

And in that moment, my brain, and maybe yours, forgets that this daily deadline is something I made up. And missing it isn’t a fault, or an egregious error, isn’t a failure or a disappointment, isn’t a moral failure, won’t make people think less of me, won’t make God mad at me.

I forgot. And I know how to resolve it.


Perhaps this Friday (or whenever you read this), we can look at each other and say, “it’s not a problem at all.” And maybe, “I love you.” And maybe, “see you next month.” (Because it is the last day of this month,)


“God? Those friends need comfort, and those friends need peace, and those friends need houses, and those friends need to know that you know. Amen.”