Time to begin

Rich Dixon is almost ready to start rolling:


You left me staring at my new handcycle.

Secretly, I was eager to begin. But well-rehearsed habits don’t just disappear.

A decade of giving-up told me it wouldn’t work. Say I CAN’T enough times, it becomes your default. I quit trying because I knew I couldn’t succeed because I wouldn’t try.

Every inner voice screamed HOPELESS!

I’d like to claim I boldly stepped forward in faith. In reality, I backed myself into a corner.

I purchased an expensive handcycle I wasn’t sure I could ride. My buddies waited to help me get started.

+ + +

Maybe “stepping out in faith” isn’t always a valiant act of superhuman courage. Maybe faith means making big commitments and wondering what have I gotten myself into? Maybe it’s moving forward when logic says you’re crazy. Maybe God wants us to commit beyond our own ability.

What if “stepping out in faith” really means making commitments that back us into a corner? What if it means dreaming big and leaning on God’s promises when the dream requires something far beyond our capability?

I wonder if more folks would step forward in faith if they knew it means swallowing fear and moving ahead when you’re certain only of God’s faithfulness.

+ + +

There was only one way out of the corner. So I rolled up to the bike and tentatively lifted one lifeless leg over the frame. With a lot of help I managed to lower myself onto the seat. After so many years clinging to my misguided perception of false security, I moved out of my comfort zone.

God had me right where He wanted me.

My friends adjusted footrests and helped with proper positioning. Final adjustments completed. No more excuses. Time to begin.

I placed my hands on the cranks and pushed.

To be continued…

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