A prayer for Christ the King Sunday


We are skeptical of kings.
We are skeptical of political answers to our problems.

But the truth is, we are skeptical about any answers to our problems. Some of us are skeptical about most things.
We work, and other people win.
We pray, and people we love are still sick.
We love, and we are misunderstood.
We try, and we are tired from trying.

We think, perhaps, we are not wholehearted enough. We’ve heard enough church leaders and political leaders and coaches tell us that our problem is that we are half-hearted.

We keep trying.

But really, we aren’t so much half-hearted as broken-hearted.
We’ve trusted leaders and been betrayed.
We’ve trusted shepherds and been misled.
We’ve trusted ourselves and come undone.

Christ, we read that in you all things hold together.
We know that means some big creation thing. But what we want, deep down, is that in you our hearts might hold together.

Christ, we read in you all powers were created.
We know that means some fullness of time thing. But what we want, deep down, is that our minds might find rest in understanding that your big intention is true even in our current frustrations and pain.

Christ, we read that you are reconciling all things to yourself.
We know that means some big theological truth. But what we want, deep down, is to know that you want us, that you are drawing us close to you. Close to your heart. Close to your side. Close to your throne.

Help us today to understand that all our pictures of you as king are like childish sketches, reacting to the failures around us more than your trueness.

Help us know that you are King above kings, Lord above parties, Creator above creatives, Shepherd above shepherds, God above us.

Heal our hearts. Rule in our lives. Help us.

Through Christ our Lord,



Jeremiah 23:1-6; Colossians 1:11-20

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