When you read this, Jana may be at the hospital. Or Will, or Dianna, or Fred, or Amy, or Bri. At least one of them will, or others of our chaplains, because regardless of what the day on the calendar is, the chaplains on our team are in the office and on the floor.

So are nurses and respiratory techs and physicians and patient care techs and EKG techs and phlebotomists and EVS specialists and facilities staff and greeters and public safety and lab and food service. And other people I’m forgetting.

When we ask any of them about their Thanksgiving plans, the answer is “waiting and working.”

Because, of course, bodies break regardless of what the day on the calendar is.

I’m grateful today for my coworkers.

And I will do everything that’s up to me (like being careful) to avoid seeing them.

I’d ask you to do the same.