A prayer for the first Sunday of Advent


This is the first Sunday of Advent.

Some of us call this Hope Sunday. We read about salvation being closer than ever. And we very much want that to be true.
Because it doesn’t always feel that way.

In truth, God, many of us are uncomfortable with expectations. We have expected good things, and bad have happened. We have expected the worst and have sometimes been right. We have expected the best and have seldom been right.

At least about the things that matter to us.
Health. Work. Happiness. Plans. People.

Health doesn’t last.
Work doesn’t satisfy.
Plans fall through.
People disappoint.
Happiness is temporary.

And God, we don’t really want to be negative. We want to trust in you. We want to trust people. We want to know that you will lead and guide and rule with peace.

But things look dark.

Which is why we light candles for Advent. Not because they give much light, but because we need to take tiny steps. Instead of being able to declare with confidence, we whisper in the darkness, “You are our hope. Though it is dark now, we trust that your Kingdom is here and is coming.”

In this season, use your past coming to Mary and Joseph and your future coming to reign as king to remind us of your daily promise to be with us always, even to the end.

Through Christ our Lord.



Reflecting on Isaiah 2:1-5 and Romans 13:11-14