My 2022 non-book list of reading.

People are sharing their books of 2022 lists.

Books they’ve read, books they’ve written, books they’ve heard of.

As I’ve thought about the books I’ve read, I realized that a more honest list would be a “words I’ve read that aren’t books.”

  • I’ve read many tweets and a few articles and several hot takes about denominational battles that aren’t my tradition (and a little about mine).
  • I’ve read several posts and collections of comments that were shared in outrage or ridicule by people I have known in the past but have no good reason to allow to shape my thinking or emotional responses.
  • I’ve read online articles that were linked to as “related items” from an article that I had reason to check. I’ve read past the headline about useless things because the headline was written compellingly so that I would read about the useless thing.
  • I’ve read several news stories for no good reason.
  • I’ve written, in my head, the beginning of several posts which would likely have been helpful, and then forgot the rest of the story because of the whole list above.
  • I’ve written and then abandoned several to-do lists, not enough for a book, but enough for an intriguing article. Included on the lists were probably the beginnings of some intriguing articles.
  • I’ve expressed frustration, often vehemently, though never in writing, and seldom with any value.

I have, of course, actually read some books. And some articles. And written words. And sometimes, I’ve read those annoying articles and opinions as part of caring about and for others. But only sometimes.

And I am aware that I could likely find more helpful ways to offer support.

I probably could turn this into a helpful read for you by giving a compelling call to action.

Something like, “let go of the obsession with distracted reading” or “finish one list before starting the next” or “simply write one article.”

Like this one.