A short review and recommitment.

“What do you want to keep doing?”
“What do you want to start doing?”
“What do you want to stop doing?”

Three questions from Jon Acuff’s Instagram account the other day, three questions to ask moving into a new month.

For those of us who started doing things at the beginning of the new year, those are good questions.

  • I want to keep reading fifteen minutes (at least) from a book. I read a couple books last month that I wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • I don’t need to post on Linkedin every day.
  • I want to keep walking 10,000 steps a day.

I don’t know what you want to keep doing or start doing or stop doing. Maybe you aren’t wanting to make any changes. Which means that you want to keep doing what you are doing.

That’s cool.

But I invite you to reflect on Jon’s questions, just for a minute or two as we are moving into a new month. And in that minute or two, if you hear the need to recommit or commit, I’m cheering for you.