I was preparing to go from my work as a hospital chaplain to a graveside service and back. The morning hadn’t been any more chaotic for us than normal, though the situations I’d walked through had been uncertain for the people involved.

I dropped my clipboard on my desk, told my colleague I’d chart when I got back, and headed out the door.  My colleague said, “breathe”.

I was halfway down the hall before the word clicked. And I choked up a bit.

Breathe. Peace be still. Fear not. They are all ways of creating space, of inviting us to stop.

So this week at 300, the posts are not 300 words. They are pauses. For you and for me.

Breathe. In this case it meant catching my breath from the families I’d been serving in one place so that I could turn my attention to the next. Because each family needed a present person for their urgent and important time.

In your case it may be about the transition from spring break to work and school, from Easter Sunday to Easter Monday, from whatever just happened to whatever is happening next.

So my word to you is Jana’s word to me. With all the permission I can offer you.


2 thoughts on “Breathe.

  1. Gary Mintchell

    Thank you, Jon. After 50+ years of meditation and many years of teaching breath as part of Yoga, I still need these little reminders to stop and breathe. It’s amazing how that works. Have a good day.


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