“Write about sunsets,” Nancy said as we were finishing our walk.

We hadn’t really wanted to go out, either of us. We had both gotten steps in other ways during the day. Nancy with Ben and Hope at the mall, around the house. Me around very many halls at the hospital.

But those steps aren’t together, and we needed that kind of walk.

“Around the block,” I said.

She laughed. “Which will end up being longer. But that’s okay.”

It was longer, because our conversation wandered through bits of other conversations. And because the sunset lasted a long time.

We were out half an hour or so, taking our time. Perhaps, not unlike a couple walking home from Jerusalem, on a Sunday. They’d had a day, too. They were processing as they walked, trying to make sense of the last few days. The days had been emotionally draining, assumption destroying. They needed a walk.

They were followers of Jesus and probably had been for a long time. They had heard about Jesus teaching.

They had heard Jesus teach. They knew the other disciples.

They had watched him die. They had heard rumors of his resurrection.

And they were processing it

As we read their story in Luke 24:13-35, there are some things that stand out for me.

The first is their honest uncertainty. They didn’t know quite how to make sense of what had happened, but they were willing to talk about it, to think it through out loud, to invite even someone else into their uncertainty.

It wasn’t doubt, exactly. They didn’t cross their arms and say, “Because I don’t understand it, it’s not real.” They were honest about what they didn’t know and willing to seek understanding.

There is integrity when we say, “I’m willing to explore what I don’t understand.” When we understand who God is and what God’s done up to a point and then wrestle through the next steps.


More of this story later.

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