7 minutes


“7 x 7” is a daily email with 7 and 14 minutes of Bible reading and prayer.

7×7 by email

So what do we do? 

Say, “God, I’m ready to listen.” Read from the Bible for five minutes. Ask God a question and listen for 2 minutes. And then go on with your day.

That’s it? No big study guide or study questions? 


How did you decide what 5 minutes of reading would be?

I read out loud. That balances out different reading speeds.

What if I don’t want to read as much as you have included?

That’s fine. You can read the same paragraph six times if you want. There is no rule about how far to read. What I’m trying to do is provide a starting point.

What if I miss a day?

You miss a day.

What if I miss two days?

You miss two days.

What if I miss three days?

You miss three days.

What if I miss four days?

I would say, “You miss four days” but that would mean we would keep this conversation going forever. If what you mean is, “What happens to me if I miss X days. Will God be mad at me? Will I lose some kind of points?” The answer is, “no”. This isn’t about helping God love you more or be happier with you. It’s about helping the two of you converse.

How do I ask God questions?

Like you just asked me that question. Seriously. I even ask out loud sometimes. “Jesus? How did you find time to get away to pray? Was it just because you didn’t have the Internet and kids?” And then you wait. Just like you would wait if you sent a text or an email or a letter or if we were sitting in the same room. In fact, people who know me would tell you that often I just sit and think after you ask me a question.

How can I tell when He answers?

Ah. That’s a more challenging question.

So aren’t you going to answer it?


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