The Bible is full of a bunch of humans

I often think that the Bible is full of ideas on living a more perfect life – and how I am not measuring up to the way I should be. There are lots of life instructions in many parts of the Bible. I’m glad, as they correct me when my ways are getting skewed away […]

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the corner of an envelope with a postage stamp

Stay connected.

I’ve lived in thirteen different places since I was born – living at least one year in each place. It’s hard to keep up with friends I’ve known across the years and miles. It’s easy to long for a time when people lived in one place from birth till death. Family and friends were consistent […]

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God doesn’t do branding the way we do

Storms are amazing. The power of water molecules coming together to form baseball-sized chunks of ice on a warm day is astonishing. But they don’t have a stripe across them that says, “Made by God.” Thunderclaps roll across the vast valley with a roar louder and more encompassing than the best sound system you’ve ever […]

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hands playing piano

A deeper part of our souls

God created music. Music touches our souls in a way that nothing else can. At lunch the other day, I stumbled upon a scene of snow falling with Bach’s Prelude number 1 in C Major playing, and it touched me deeply. Somehow in contrast to the sunny heat outside my office window, that soothing scene and […]

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apple modem with malfunction light

Broken, all the time

Our Apple modem went orange. Again. (Its little light is green when everything’s working right.) That happens every month or two. Something inside its little brain is not happy, and it tells us so. If I unplug it from the wall and then plug it back in, it’s happy again. But the fact that it […]

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