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[First Friday guest post from Paul Merrill]

The Bible is just about the most neglected jewel that Christ-followers have. (Well, I take that back; Christ-followers in many parts of the world where people don’t speak English don’t have even a single word of the Bible in their language! But that’s for another post.)

When was the last time you immersed yourself in God’s Word? Not just reading a verse or two in church but really taking the time to read a passage and let God speak to you?

Life is normally so crazy-busy that we don’t take the time to do this. But it’s really worth it.

Think about it – the God who created the universe wants to speak to you through this book! 66 books were written by about 40 people over roughly 1,500 years. God breathed His spirit into the lives of these humans to communicate His truths – but their personalities shine through. (God didn’t create robots!)

If God created you and gave us the Bible, it stands to reason that it’s the users manual from the manufacturer. (But better! I mean, how many users manuals are filled with stories?)

No topic is tabu. There’s lots of talk about sex. Murder and high intrigue happen all over the place. There’s even some romance. People mess up almost cover to cover. David was the man who God loved perhaps more than any other. David killed a man and then married his wife! God loves us, even though we’re not perfect.

If you aren’t used to reading the Bible, pick an easy-to-read translation like the New Living Translation that uses the words we speak. Start with the book of Mark. You don’t need a study guide. Just let the Bible speak to you.

(Feel free to use a study guide later or ask a friend for help.)

Dive in today.

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