wondering again

John wondered about Jesus. The John known as John the Baptist. Jesus had two things to say, one to John’s followers and one to Jesus’ followers.

To John’s followers, the ones who were bringing the question from John who was in jail, Jesus simply said, “Go and tell John what you see and hear.”

The evidence that Jesus used was evidence that would speak hugely to John. Look at the blind, the lame, the lepers, the deaf, the dead, the poor. Look at what is happening to change their lives. Look at how they are healed.

This was a list that John would have been familiar with. Isaiah, the Old Testament prophet talked about these as signs of healing, as signs of God caring. When Jesus said by implication was this: You know that the one doing certain things is the one who is to come. I’m doing them. I’m the one. Relax.

This was a message of gentle assurance for John. It told him in words he would understand, that he hadn’t wasted his life.

But then Jesus turns from talking to John to talking about John.

Here’s where the truth should come out. Here’s where we’re going to hear Jesus say, “Yep. That John. What a loser. He’s questioning me. I think I’ll smite him with lightening.”

You say, “Jesus would never talk like that.”

I say, “we say that about him all the time.”

“God could never forgive that. I don’t have enough faith, God will hate me. I can’t doubt–I’ll be smitten.”


But Jesus does nothing of the sort. After talking just to John’s disciples, as they are leaving, while they can still hear, Jesus lifts his voice and praises John: “John is your Elijah.”

Of course, Elijah had questions, too.

Questions don’t mean failure.