unexpected grace

I understand why we have the pictures we do of God. Angry, authoritarian, destructive. There are stories of people dying throughout the Bible that seem to point us that way.

While I could debate those right now, I’d like to offer a couple of other stories to think about.

Moses is the leader of the people of Israel. He is, spiritually, a big deal. And we know from watching the news, that spiritual big deals fail. At least, that’s what we believe.

One day God tells Moses to speak to a rock so that water will come out. On his way to the rock, he gets mad, and like any parent understands, he hits the rock saying, “Do I have to do everything for you?”

Later, God tells Moses that he will not lead the people into the promised land.

And Moses didn’t.

Fast-forward several centuries.

Jesus and three followers are on a mountain. The followers look up and see Jesus glowing, and two guys with him: Elijah and Moses. Peter speaks up and gets shushed by God. The followers hide their faces until Jesus touches them on the shoulder and says, “have no fear.”

Moses, who had been kept out of the promised land, gets to stand there with Jesus. Peter, who gets told to be quiet by God, isn’t zapped with lightening.

According to common views of God, these examples are unexpected. Moses should have been finished. Peter should have been zapped. But they weren’t.

Their behavior isn’t condoned. God doesn’t say, “Peter, your theme park idea is a good try. We’ll think about that next time.” However, be very ware that God did not say, “Peter, you are an idiot. I’m done with you.”

Peter’s sentence for overstepping his influence?

He had to keep walking with Jesus.

4 thoughts on “unexpected grace

  1. a seeker

    ” my punishment for overstepping my influence? Keep walking with Jesus!!” wow. so simple. so true. yet still sometimes I find, so hard to do
    This one is for me today. Thanks!


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