how long do you have to follow

Perseverance. I watched that honored last night.

Not perfection, because there are likely stories about each of these people that illustrated the lack of perfection.

Not prominence, because most of these people were leaders of really small groups.

Nope, what was honored was perseverance. Having the belief that Jesus said, “follow me” and living a life that did just that.

I’m pretty sure that none of them said, “After forty years, after fifty years, I want to get one of those awards.” I’m guessing that they did their following very slowly, in bite-sized 24-hour chunks.

And as I think about their perseverance, I start thinking about what it will take for me to stand up there in forty years (when I’m 91).

I realize that it is about what am I committed to.

When I get up tomorrow morning and read this, what question am I committed to discovering the answer to?

What story am I wanting to refine so that it is as clear as I can possibly tell it?

Do I want to make the best possible cup of coffee I can make?

What child do I want to not get mad at today?

What do I want to make sure I remember?

What one phrase that Jesus said do I want to trace backwards to understand what he was referring to and trace forward to find out how it was explained?

What one thing that “always makes me mad” am I going to work out a plan to resolve or avoid?

I’m pretty sure that perseverance, in following Jesus as well as in anything else, is not a matter of a couple huge steps that solve everything. It’s a matter of intentional daily choices to follow in apparently small ways.

One step at a time. For a lifetime.

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