looking back – July 20 to 24

Monday – Of course he does.

There are times that we need to stop talking and listen. There are times, when asked a question, we must learn to say, “God, what do you think?”

Tuesday –The absolute best

To be a child would be to give up everything you worked for, all the status and perks and sophistication and responsibility and pretense.

A challenge, but worth everything.

Wednesday – Grinding them down

Jesus looks at the result of faith corrupted or abandoned and says, “you wore them out by being a millstone, grinding away. Now wear the millstone.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why Jesus makes the point.

Start with the faith they have. Help it grow. Answer their questions.

Thursday – More than this

If your body was being killed by multiple myeloma and the only treatment were a stem cell transplant by which your body was essentially killed so that it could be brought back to life, as horrible as that is, you would do that to enter (the rest of) life.

Jesus looks at our lives with us and says, “That lust, that attitude, that activity, that pride is killing you, or it will. We’ll have to take out the surrounding tissue, but it will preserve your life. May I?”

Friday – about sheep. again.

The shepherd has a number of possible responses.

He can call them idiots. He can be relieved that he doesn’t have to take care of that one that obviously was “extra care required.” He can decide spend time explaining or declaiming or condemning. He can even make big speeches to the other sheep about the irresponsibility of the one that wondered off.

Or the shepherd can go find the lost sheep and bring it back and be thrilled about the lost sheep.