the kingdom of heaven is a party, part 4

So the king is enraged and destroys a city.

That’s yesterday’s news.

Though actually, it is today’s news in some parts of the world where insurrection is treated quickly and the murder of governmental employees is considered a significant crime.

But Jesus keeps talking as he is tells a crowd his story of a king holding a wedding banquet for his son. The crowd would have been completely understanding of the king’s response. But now he does something completely unexpected.

“We’ve got tons of food ready,” he tells is servants. “Go find anyone you can to come and eat.” And they did. The servants went out and brought people into the party. It made no difference whether they were considered good people or bad, whether they were tax collectors or managers or shepherds in town for a holiday or the con artists who regularly fleeced them. It was an extravagance of prodigality, the king throwing open the doors in the name of his son.

“The people who thought they were too good for me,” the king implies, “can be replaced by anyone because I am who decides merit, not anyone else.”

The crowd would have been giggling and looking furtively at the leaders for their reaction. The social structure turned upside down, this was vintage Jesus. That always ticked off someone noble, someone religious.

The people would have been rewarded for their glances with confirming glares. This was the third time in a row that Jesus told a story about a king/father asking leaders to respond and being ignored. And the story always was elevating the undeserving, disobedient, unreliable, underdogs. Such stories are loved by underdogs and despised by top dogs.

There is hope for everyone, the story said. Great news.

Unless you are the one dress code violation. Tomorrow.

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