If I did a webinar about Jesus.

I would probably start with a story.

Because Jesus told stories. He didn’t tell nice stories, not really. We think they were nice because we’ve made them nice. But he took dynamite for the status quo and wrapped it in narrative instead of rules. And then attached a slow-burning fuse so that by the time it blew up, you had walked away smiling at what his words seemed to do to the other guy. And then the assumptions that made up the foundation of your religiousity crumpled at the force of the truth.

I’ve told or retold a lot of stories here. It seems like a good way to make us all think. Just like I gave you links to posts about talking with God a few weeks ago, I decided to connect you to some of the stories I would probably tell if I did a webinar about Jesus.

It might be a story from John 5 like Father and Son and Father and Son – family business.

It might be a story about Donald Trump running a vineyard.

It might be a story about a scandalous miracle like a girl named Mary having a baby. (or another story about Mary like “A face that loves to see you”.)

Or a story called “The terror of normal” about how everyone was scared because Jesus healed someone.

I might tell you about “sexy Jesus” or “a lot of wine” or hypocrites because “the kingdom of heaven is a party” (part one, part two, part three, part four, part five)  but then I would have to talk about being saved (part one and part two).

I would probably mention that “Jesus was not a storyteller” and encourage us to spread “little pieces of love.

Have a great weekend. Listen to good stories.

2 thoughts on “If I did a webinar about Jesus.

  1. joseph ruiz

    I wonder if story was so unexpected for a teacher. The Pharisees had over 600 rules – stories teach principles that don’t require situational rules. Since stories were so much a part of the culture seems like Jesus was identifying with humanity, thanks for the thought food.
    Grace and Peace.


  2. Men of One Accord

    Hello, i just wanted to thank-you for bring an inspiration to me. With that said, I want you to know that I have nominated you for the Ten Commandment Award! You can check out the details on Men of One Accord. CONGRATULATIONS! James


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