Father and son

There is a building.

There’s a sign on the door:  Father and Son Redemption Company. Everyone knows it’s an important company. No one knows, exactly, what’s happening behind the doors. Things have been pretty quiet in there for the past 400 years. No one in, no one out through the front doors.

There is a big plaza in front of the building. People sit there, looking at the door, waiting for something, someone. They hear stories about what used to happen when the doors were open all the time.

They especially like to sit there on Saturday afternoons. They can’t do anything else, everything is closed.  So they gather and listen and keep their eyes on the plaza guards.

One Saturday, a guy shows up in the plaza in front of the building. He walks over to someone sitting on an air mattress. “Want to get well?”

“Me? I got no one to help me.”

“Stand up. Clean up this space. Go home.”

The man does. The guards get upset: “Who said you could work today?”

“That guy did…” His voice trails off. The helpful guy had disappeared.

Finally, the guards figured out where he was. “Why are you telling people work on Saturday? And you! Why are you working on Saturday?”

“My dad always does. I do exactly what he does.” He points to the door. “I’m Son,” he says.

“No way,” say the guards standing around the plaza, ceremonial spears at the ready.

“You think that I can tell people to stand up and walk on my own? No way. I’m doing what Father does. He has always shown me everything he does, exactly how he does it. It’s because he loves me.”

Son smiles. “Oh my. You think making a guy walk is huge? Imagine making a guy!”


From John 5

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  1. mike fast

    I showed this story to my pastoral-training class in the Philippines the other day. In our class “Understanding Jesus” we were looking at understanding parables. I used your paraphrase as an example of a modern-day parable. It really clicked with them. Thanks.


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