Prayer doesn’t work.

“I’d like to return this Valentine’s Day card.”

I can help you with that. … Um, you know that this has writing on it, right?

“Yep. I wrote that.”

You can’t return cards that have been used.

“Two weeks ago, I was in here. I bought a sweater. The first time I wore it, the sleeve started to unravel. You took that back.”

Yep. The sweater was defective. How’s the new one?

“Great. Thanks. Now, about that card?”

But you can’t return cards that have been used.

“The other month, I was in here. I had a toaster. It didn’t heat up. You took that back.”

Yep. The toaster was defective. Were you able to find another one?

“I went to another store and they were able to give me what I wanted. Now, about that card.”

But you can’t return cards that have been used.

“I wore the sweater. You took it back. I used the toaster. You took it back. Why are you making a scene about the card?”

It’s different. You can’t return cards that have been used.

“But it didn’t work. I wrote in it. I gave it to my wife. And it didn’t work. So I would like a refund.”

What do you mean, exactly, that it didn’t work?

“Isn’t that a little personal? I mean, you have pictures of men handing women cards and the women smiling.  And pictures of men handing women chocolate and the women smiling. And I won’t even start to tell you what happened when other stores showed pictures of men handing women diamond bracelets. But it didn’t work.”

You mean your wife didn’t smile when you handed her the card?

“It was more of a snort.”

When was this?

“On the 16th. I got it when they were marked down.”

6 thoughts on “Prayer doesn’t work.

  1. Diane Brogan

    Great story! Our computer router broke down. Steve bought a new super doper set. That doesn’t work either. They are being returned today. I have reconnected six times already while leaving this comment. Say a prayer for us.


  2. Frank Reed

    Always ask more questions of people as to why they are not happy. Most times it is truly their fault. It’s sin that makes us all think that things should work the way we imagine they should work even if we don’t use them as directed.

    As for prayer, I am constantly wondering if I can get a refund on ‘unanswered prayer’. That’s when I usually find out it has been answered but not in the way I had imagined (or even wanted). Just because I act like I am the center of my universe it doesn’t mean I am right. It just means I am not paying attention most times. Sad but true.


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