morning coffee with Jesus.

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Jesus, I want you sitting here.

I don’t want to have to be patient. I don’t want you to be invisible. I want that relationship fixed. I want that heart healed. I want that brain to start working again, just like it was.

I want to know what to say.

I want to be able to say, “Jesus loves you and is praying for you and cares more about that person than you ever will.” I say it, Jesus, because I know it’s true, but, with all due respect, it sounds cliche.

I’d rather have five smooth stones in my hand, to fling at the towering Goliath of despair and watch it come crashing down. And still have four in my hand.

I’d rather … you know what I’d rather have, Jesus? I’d rather have you. Sitting on the deck. By the lake. With a cup of coffee in your hand in the early morning. The two of us looking at the calmness of the lake and you saying,

“See how smooth that is? I made that. And there was the time that there was a another lake, and a boat. And guys exactly like you who wanted to know that I was awake, that I was paying attention. They yelled at me above the noise of the storm. They thought I didn’t care. They thought I was ignoring them. They thought, well, they thought the storm was going to be too much for me. But it wasn’t.  The storm was easy. It always is. Them trusting me was hard. It always is.”

That’s what I want. Instead of the ache that I feel right now. I want that coffee and that calm and you.

And what I know is that you do too.

I mean coffee and calm and me.

8 thoughts on “morning coffee with Jesus.

  1. Lisa Cree

    Java with Jesus is so awesome! I understand where you are coming from Jon. I use to think it really would be better to have Jesus with me in the physical like the first disciples experienced. And someday we will. However a friend pointed out to me that we really have the better end of the deal as New Testament believers. We have the Holy Spirit (Jesus in Spirit) living (indwelling) in us as believers. The disciples didn’t have that until Jesus left this earth. Now we have Him with us every second of every day speaking to us, encouraging us, helping us understand His amazing love for us. AND He works, flows and speaks through us. The catch is we don’t always hear well. Our receivers are gummed up many times and we just don’t know His Word (and He was the Word that become flesh) very well. The more I understand and know His Word the more I hear Him more clearly. Hope that makes sense and somehow is helpful. I so enjoy your posts Jon and I know God is blessing! Have a wonderful day brother!


  2. Rich Dixon

    Hey Lisa–You’re right. We probably DO have the better deal–in theory. But there are days, and I’ve had a few lately, when the theory doesn’t work all that well for me. My receiver’s decidedly gummed up.

    Like Jon, I sure experience times when I wish He could sit beside me and chat. Even when I know better, the knowing doesn’t always help.


  3. Joseph Ruiz

    Lisa you are right, Rich I am in the same boat. Jon this was Jesus speaking to me this morning, words I needed to hear. I am very grateful for these 300 words.
    Grace and peace


  4. Matches Malone

    How does Jesus take his coffee? We already know he has an incredible tan, so, what style boardshorts would he wear? Dark Glasses complete the ensemble….

    Oh, and flip flops too. Can’t forget those….


    That’s not what he looks like??? 😉


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