Some thoughts on talking with God.

I’ve been writing here for a long time. There are lot’s of questions I answered. But there isn’t any index to those questions and answers. So I’m going to start working on that. On Fridays, from time to time, I’ll offer a list of the kinds of questions I’m hearing from people, and some of the posts I’ve written that are relevant. I’ll eventually gather these all on a page on 300. Let me know what you think and what questions I should be answering for you.


I feel like I need to fix myself before I come to God:

Do you know the dull feeling the morning after success: The morning after

I used to pray but don’t see the value right now: How can I start praying again

Cleaning the attic like confessing sin: Housecleaning


On being empty and grieving: A litany for the last Monday in July

On prayer being hard sometimes: Because sometimes you can’t do two things at once. 

On wanting to sit with Jesus: Morning coffee with Jesus

On what a conversation with Jesus might look like: A prayer

How should I address God? all ya’ll and the triune God

How can I pray for my child who is going off the edge: A letter to a dad

Why do good people die tragically? I don’t know

And for the weekend: “We try harder, but we cannot sleep. And we try to help sleep come and we try to help forgetfulness come but when whatever wears off, there we are. Awake and even more tired.” Holy Sleep

5 thoughts on “Some thoughts on talking with God.

  1. Dick Frenz

    This is really helpful Jon…thanks so much for this and your 300 words everyday…my start to the day is not the same without this!

    God Bless and Keep You in His Grace.


  2. Men of One Accord

    I would like to answer the question, How to pray for a child who is going off the edge?
    It is the prayer that earthy father had for me.
    If it is ok with you I will reblod you post and answer with a follow up blog it is my story.
    It will take some time but it is time to write it. It is time to tell the story to the world and not just to the ones I run into in my every day life.
    I love your questions and I look forward to your next set! AMEN!


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  4. Men of One Accord

    Reblogged this on Men of One Accord and commented:
    There is a question that Jon asked that struck me I want to give the answer to it the way my Dad did here on earth. How can I pray for my child who is going off the edge? I will answer it in my next post titled: “A Son Off the Edge”. It is my testimony, James


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