Hey Scott. Here’s what we can do for kids in Somalia.

My friend Scott and I were sitting in a meeting. He said that the needs of kids in Somalia were weighing on his heart.  I walked over to him at the break: “So Scott, what are we going to do about Somalia?”

It’s a hard question, isn’t it? Figuring out what to do in response to the crises around us? Scott and I haven’t figured it out for Somalia. I at least haven’t done anything about it. Other than think that I should do something.

I heard, as you have, that Somalia itself is too dangerous. That food sent in is not going to kids. And I know that the best thing is to look for people who are already helping, who already know what to do.

But how do you connect? How do you quit saying, “I should do something” before taking another drink of coffee and clicking to the next crisis.

And then, on Monday, I was reading about my friend Rich. He’s riding along the Mississippi. On a handcycle. He’s doing it to benefit Convoy of Hope.

I’ve known that. But for some reason, this time I looked at Convoy of Hope.

They want to feed the world. They focus on nutritional programs for kids, helping hurting communities, and showing up as a first responder in disasters. And they do it because they think Jesus cares about people in need. Tangibly.

And then I looked closer. Convoy of Hope has been in Kenya, feeding kids. They have been there for eight years. Partnering to dig wells. And now, the kids include refugees from Somalia.

I’ll bet they aren’t perfect. I’ll bet that they are human. And Rich. He’s a normal guy who can’t use his legs, riding a bike, to save kids.

Hey Scott. Let’s support Rich.

2 thoughts on “Hey Scott. Here’s what we can do for kids in Somalia.

  1. Patty Nekonchuk

    Rich lives in my town he was my son’s math teacher. I wish we could have his positive attidtude rub off on all of us. Somalia is a terrible problem. Unfortunately the people there have a different idea about suffering and God. I only know this as through my occupation I have met several Somalian people in the US. So how they tackle their children food and hope are different than we approach them. I really think that prayer is a great idea.


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