Jeremiah, the GodCo consultant.

I was browsing Jeremiah for my e-course yesterday. I got hooked.

Jeremiah was a prophet in Israel. He talked for about forty years, centered on 600 BC.  He was getting in trouble for repeating what God told him.

One time, it went like this:

Jeremiah worked for GodCo. He was a consultant to JudahCo, a subsidiary of United Kingdom, LLC. UKLLC was facing a hostile takeover from BabyLon. Pharaoh, the CEO of Egypt Building Inc, decided it would be a great time to make a white knight play for JudahCo. (It was an intriguing move. JudahCo had been part of a pyramid scheme that EBI was running a few centuries earlier).  BabyLon backed off from JudahCo to deal with the larger EBI.

Jeremiah had information. He knew that BabyLon would take care of EBI and come back for JudahCo. He told Zedekiah, the CEO of JudahCo.

Who ignored him.

Jeremiah went to consolidate his own holdings. He was accused of going over to BabyLon, which would have been seen as a violation of his no-compete clause. He was trapped in an restroom in a remote secretarial pool building until the CEO could see him.

And he waited. And waited. It was career exile. A consultant being ignored for having told the truth.

Finally, Zedekiah brought him into his office.

“Have you heard anything from GodCo?”

“Yes. BabyLon is going to complete the takeover and fire you.”


“And by the way, I’m just telling you the truth. What’s the crime in that? Can you get me out of that restroom? It’s going to be the death of me.”

So the CEO let him hang out in a conference room near the canteen. Until the marketing department complained that he was sharing GodCo reports with everyone.

He was in deep mud.


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  1. Jeff Madison

    Ok Jon,

    I just started reading 300 words and nearly fell out of my chair. That is the wittiest interpretation of Jeremiah that I have ever read. Thank you. If only my graduate school class had been that short and insightful.



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