Going to Kansas

Although I talk all the time,  I’m not a conference speaker. I don’t fit well with church events and not many non-church events invite pastors to the platform. However, if you’ve been around here during the last year, you know that I’ve had the opportunity to speak at a couple of conferences.

Last October, I went to Detroit for 140 Character conference. At these  conferences, people get 10 minutes to talk about the effects of the real-time Internet on how we live, connect, do business and bring about change.

Michael Buckingham and I talked about church and social media (the presentation).  We had a great time. Among other things, I mentioned that Jesus is the ultimate social medium.

fillmore front

becky mccray and rob hatch Becky McCray, Rob Hatch, me in Detroit.

In February, I was able to go to Austin, Texas as part of the Xplode conference, an event that talks about real estate and technology. I answered the question Matt Fagioli gave me, “would Jesus tweet?”

I look at these opportunities as part of my work as a social media chaplain. (For an explanation of that, Frank Reed did a great interview.)

September 20, I get to be part of the 140 Conference – Small Town. I’ll be talking about my 3 continent parish. It’s the opportunity I have to be a social media chaplain from Grabill, Indiana to the other side of the globe. Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and talking give me an opportunity to talk with you. And I’m grateful.

There’s no ask here. Just a thanks. Your reading and commenting and emailing give me something to talk about. (And my Fort Wayne and Grabill friends keep me accountable).

And if you are going to be around Hutchison, Kansas on September 20, you can go to this registration form and enter “friendof140”. It will give you a $60 discount.

See you there.

4 thoughts on “Going to Kansas

  1. Mimi Meredith

    I’ll send this to all my friends remaining in Hutchinson, where we lived for 13 years. (Actually, my husband is there now, reestablishing his business…but that is another story.) I will be sending this to my husband Greg and to my friends in “Hutch” pronto!

    How fun to see this in your post!


  2. Becky McCray

    I’m really looking forward to seeing you again soon, Jon!

    And I’m pleased to say a mutual friend spoke up to say he saw this pic, and was a fan of your writing. It’s a small world.


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