O God. It’s Monday.

(First published October 18, 2010)

I know. I’m probably supposed to start differently than that, God. With a “Dear” or a “Most heavenly Father” or something. But it’s Monday morning and I’m tired from the weekend and I am absolutely convinced that when Peter talked to you, Jesus, he almost never started with “Dear Jesus.”


It was more like, “Jesus! I’ve got a great idea.” Or “Jesus! Don’t talk that way. That’s never going to happen.”  or “Jesus! Don’t do that.

I don’t want to be like Peter, all argumentative. I know I am, but I don’t want to be. What I really want it to be able to hear you when I listen. But I can’t listen.

And this week isn’t shaping up to be a good week for listening. Meetings, travel, appointments, presentations. This is going to be a week. So I don’t want to be all demanding and telling like Peter, but I gotta tell you, I don’t feel like saying “dear.”

What I really want? I mean really? I really want a drink of living water because I’m tired of feeling so dry. I really want to rest, because I’m tired. I really want to know you. I mean really. So real I can touch, though I know and okay with the fact that’s not likely, at least not the hug you part.

(Although you understand the wanting to hug part, since you did make me with a need to be close.)

And I know that you offer people water and you offer rest and you offer peace. So on this Monday morning at the beginning of a busy week, help me be quiet. Help me stop drinking pop and be more thirsty for you. And help me be clear.


I’m asking as honestly as I know how.



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3 thoughts on “O God. It’s Monday.

  1. I, Also, have dropped the “dear” when talking to God in my effort to make my conversation with Him, well, more conversational. I have also made an effort to not repeat His name continually as if to assure myself that He is there. It has brought a freshness and authenticity to my conversation with Him which has been lacking. Thanks for this post reminding us to be REAL with Him.


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