pages, dogs, sabbath and slack.

If you read this blog by Mailchimp email, you didn’t get anything from me on Thursday. You are getting two posts today.

It wasn’t that I didn’t write anything for Thursday morning. It’s that, with more than 2000 posts written at various blogs, I wrote created a page instead of a post on Wednesday night. And a page doesn’t get recognized by Mailchimp.

So I fixed it Thursday morning. And didn’t get mad. And never once called myself an idiot.

I was talking to a friend earlier in the week. He was trying to figure out why he was getting so mad at the dog. I reminded him of all the things that were chaotic in his life, things that he couldn’t do much about. I told him about how mad I used to get at our dog. I told him that I realized that I was mad at the dog because I was mad at myself and frustrated with changes that I wanted to make and couldn’t. I was getting upset because I wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t about Shiloh at all.

And he said, “So you are telling me I should give myself a little slack.”

I was.

Which I did for myself when I realized what I had done on Wednesday night. I had simply made a mistake. I didn’t ruin your life. I didn’t ruin my life. Nothing happened other than maybe you had one less distraction in your morning.

It’s a good idea for this weekend, perhaps. Cut yourself a little slack. Take some Sabbath. Quit trying to be god. We already have a perfectly good one available.

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