Rest. Pray. Talk.

Three teenage young men are excitedly discussing music videos and life in the next room. I’m glad for the extreme enthusiasm flowing through the doorway.

Sometimes I am a tired parent. That youthful enthusiasm rises to the surface fewer times than it did in my earlier years. So it’s nice to be surrounded by that!

Jesus was not “up” all the time. In Mark 6, he just had to get away. He took his band of closest buddies with him. He just knew that he had to get some space.

I don’t know if Jesus was an introvert or an extrovert – but he was definitely a rock star. That level of celebrity would be hard for anyone to cope with. Jesus coped and rose above the pressing crowd sometimes in a human and a divine way. He did know when he needed space and rest. He also knew when he needed to fight a battle alone.

As Jon has reminded us several times, it’s OK to get away sometimes. You need a break. God created seven days with six for working and the seventh for rest. This principle is from the beginning of the Bible to the very end.

We sometimes feel like there is so much important stuff going on that it would be foolish to say no to any of it.


Stop at least once a week. Take more than an hour. Step away from your computer and turn your cell phone off. Go for a walk with your best friend, if they’re near. Call them, if they’re far. Remember that when Jesus got away in Mark 6, he went with his friends. Sometimes we just need to be with people who love us – even if they don’t completely understand us. Or just pray. God always understands.

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