It’s Friday. Attention is scattered.

I’ve got a lot in my brain as I write this. So let me give you several observations for Friday morning.
  • Read the amazing comments on the post about Flipped Church. It almost feels like I flipped the post. Thank you for your interaction, all of you. 
  • Some of you don’t see comments, so you missed the video Hugh posted of Psalm 131 yesterday. 
  • I spent Thursday afternoon with my pastor and three guys who are working on the ordination process in our denomination. That process starts with completing 35 questions (Simple ones like “State your beliefs about the inspiration of Scripture. State your beliefs about the triune God. State your beliefs about the deity of Christ.”). My boss and I were listening to their answers, helping them understand the questions. I went through it a decade ago and had my answers in front of me while listening to their answers. It was helpful to remember the process. It was helpful to be part of helping others think through these questions, sorting out, drilling down, clarifying. They are younger enough to be my kids. It’s good to be reminded that I am an adult. It’s good to think through “I believe”. (If you missed my reflections on the creed, look at creed).
  • I use a service called Mailchimp for the emailed version of 300. They just added data about twitter use among subscribers. I discovered that abut 1/3 of the people who read this blog that way are on twitter. And most of you don’t follow me. That means that two-thirds of you may have little idea of what twitter is or does or means. And everytime I mention it, you think “what?” Of course, that isn’t limited to twitter. My guess is that 2/3s of you aren’t ___ or don’t ___. I’ll try to remember. 
For 7×7, see 3.16.12