So much easier.

(This repost is from January 28, 2009)

It would be so much easier to follow Jesus if he called us.

If I were at work one day and he walked by and said, “come on, follow me.”

If I were doing what I’ve spent my life preparing to do and he said, “I’ll show you how to use those skills for something meaningful.”

If I were in the middle of daily life and I looked up and could actually hear his voice with my ears and see his face with my eyes and smell whatever he smelled like.

If his invitation to do something worthwhile with my life were real and tangible.

It would be so much easier if Jesus literally said my name and said “Follow me.”

I mean, if that happened, I would never have any questions at all about what he was saying. It would always be clear.

If that happened, I would always be happy just to be close to him.

If that happened, I would be ready to tell all the people I saw at the grocery store when I was buying supplies

Hey! This food? Jesus is going to eat it. Yep. That Jesus. I know him. I’ve watched him do the most amazing stuff! I mean, paralyzed people walking. People with demons? Poof. Gone. People who are sick? Fever, gone, like that. You name it, he gets rid of it.

Hey, that cough? Come on. Let’s talk to Jesus about that. I mean, I know him. He was walking by one day and called out my name. We’re like this. In fact, we couldn’t be any closer if he lived in me. Yeah, I know. Sounds weird. But it’s like that.

If one day I really believed that Jesus actually wants me? Cared about me?

That would be so amazing.

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  2. Joseph Ruiz (@SMSJOE)

    Wow Jon lot to think about here. Todd I think we all struggle, at least I can relate to what you are saying. For me it’s about the journey is becoming a disciple bringing me closer to Christ and to others, am I being challenged to pray, read scripture things that are fuel for good fruit –

    The 7X7 Lent series Jon is facilitating has been an eye opener for me – I am learning to listen and be still – at the end of the day it is learning to trust and be transformed kind of like law and sausage if you like either one don’t watch them being made 😉

    Todd I certainly don’t mean to imply there are any simple or magical answers just that for me discipleship is a lifelong journey

    Grace and Peace


  3. Jon Swanson

    Todd and Joe and Rich

    The irony is that even those people who directly heard Jesus’ physical voice still struggled and doubted and didn’t get it right all the time. So following must be about something other than getting everything right all the time.


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