God has a face

(A repost from June 25, 2009)

Sometimes when a text is complicated, I have to rewrite it, just for me. That happened when I was looking at Colossians 1:15-20. So I rewrote it. I’m letting you see it, too.


God has a face.



The way the oldest gets everything?

That’s Jesus to creation.

Why? Because he was born first?

Because, as part of God, he made everything.

And I mean everything-what you see and what you can’t see, what’s physical and what’s spiritual. Bodies and ghosts.

He made all of it

And it is all about him (not like our unwarranted selfishness but more like living out a story, a true drama.)


Before everything?



The water (for fish), the air (for us), the milieu (for philosophy types), the suspension (for chemists), the plot (for writers), the context (for understanders), the glue, the one in whom everything is held together?


When we talk about the church as a body, all connected together, he is the head. We all complete each other.

He is the creative initiator of the church (It’s all his idea) and he’s the first one to rise from the dead, which is what the church is all about. (not church, not churches, but The Church).

And why is he the head and the beginning and the firstborn?

The top and the start and the waypaver?

So that it is clear that in every possible way, he is in charge of everything about The Church that is capital letters, that is the way it should be.


Because God satisfied his desire in two ways.

First, everything that God is, is in Jesus. Permanently. Completely. Living in him.

Second, Jesus brings everything back to God, permanently. Completely.

This happens because the permanently, completely full of God one, made peace using his own blood.

For 7×7, see 3.20.12