The calm before the storm

Dear friends:

Next week, April 1-8, is what is called Holy Week. It’s the time between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. I realized that I’m not ready.

Not in the “we have so many big events happening at church and a cantata and a pageant and donkeys and camels and Roman soldier costumes to find” way of not being ready.

Not in the “get the basket and the eggs and the chocolate to hide and find a ham and worry about everyone being together and finish the matching dresses and ties” way of not being ready.

More in the “Jesus is heading to Jerusalem and he keeps hinting at something huge  and I really don’t understand the hints” way. Like the disciples were in that couple of weeks before when they didn’t know what Easter was because it hadn’t happened yet.

So I’m taking this week off writing here to get ready. I’ll be back April 2.


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