Some (repeated) advice for Hope.

We’re taking Hope back to college tomorrow. She’s starting her senior year. Here’s some advice I gave her last year. (It’s worth a repost. She did these things.)

1. Create some space for listening. 

We need to be intentional about shutting up. We need to be intentional about being quiet. We need to be intentional about not filling every crack in our lives with data and information. We are addicted to novelty, and that’s why we are always checking our email. We are addicted to adrenaline and that’s why we can’t slow down. We are addicted to insecurity and that’s why we can’t stop doing. And the only way we will ever hear quiet voices is if the room can be silent. And our finger can operate the button.

2. Worry less about what God wants you to do and more about getting to know God.

Lots of followers of Jesus and people who are wondering about following look for the checklist of what counts. We need to know the expectations so we can run ahead and take care of them. We don’t understand that having that list means that we don’t need Jesus. We can check off the items and have our lives to ourselves.

But a relationship isn’t about a checklist. It’s about conversation about the list. And about values. And about going to the playground.

And relationships develop best when there is space to listen.

3. Have someone disciple you.  

I almost said mentor. But mentoring says “while I’m being successful, I’ll help a couple other people be successful too.” Discipling says “I’m still figuring out what doing what Jesus said looks like in my life. And I’ve got questions. But I trust him. So walk with me. Hear my prayer. Listen to my confessions. I’ll explain the best I can. “

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