Cry and dance

The woman had heard about Jesus. He was different than all the other leaders she had heard about. It was time to see him and experience what everyone was talking about. And she was ready for change. She was at the very bottom.

A friend heard Jesus was having dinner with the ultra-religious guys across town. She would go there to see if she could get in, even though she heard they were not exactly friendly with women of her profession, at least in daylight. But it was time to take a risk.

This is part of a woman’s story in the book of Luke. She did visit Jesus and received the life change she wanted – and more. Her heart was broken. That was what caused her to risk maybe even her life in her search for wholeness.

Jesus wants us to come before him with our tears and brokenness. He doesn’t want to hear “everything’s alright,” with a plastic smile. And maybe opening up about our brokenness with a close friend we can trust is a way toward healing. But cry to Jesus first.

It’s also good to be happy before Jesus. David danced before God, and God liked that. But his wife thought he was really foolish for doing so. She was concerned about what everyone else was thinking. David wasn’t. The woman who cried at Jesus’ feet wasn’t.

We have to break down those walls and ceilings we keep around ourselves to protect us. We’re preventing the sun and rain from helping us to grow. We’re “protecting” our wounds from healing – and preventing the only real experience of peace that’s available.

Open up today. Let Jesus’ sun and rain come in.

(Paul Merrill writes here every First Friday.)

One thought on “Cry and dance

  1. joseph ruiz

    Really good word Paul. I was just reading this morning that God can pour His strength into a yielded heart. I fight the urge to be independent to try and convince Him everything is all right – but that’s just a combination of culture, pride and thinking that needs to be transformed. Thank you for this.
    Grace and Peace


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