I was washing dishes. I discovered my word for this year. Prepare.

Sharp memories will remember that last year I didn’t have a planning word. Instead, I focused on Prepare. I wrote:

Preparing is about being ready for what might come, for what could come. It’s about building capacity. It’s about building a heart that has the resources to respond to the needs of others. It’s about leaving space around the edges so there is room for the unexpected.

While washing dishes I thought about the email I’d just written introducing two youngish people I respect. I thought about my upcoming conversation about a course for young pastors I’m helping develop. I thought about the spiritual mentoring conversation later that day, the writing I’d been doing about Lent, the class I taught the night before.

I realized that somewhere during last year, prepare went from a process of personal preparation to what I’m doing more intentionally in the lives of others.

It’s probably a good thing. With the median age of the US being about 38 and of the world being somewhere in the late twenties, I’m older than way more than half the people world. I can’t wait to figure everything out. I need to be more intentional about passing on what I’ve learned.

I’ve learned a few things during this last year of prepare. On January 12 last year, I wrote “Because I want to weigh 210 on March 12 and I weigh 218 today, I need 1 pound a week.” I made it. Yesterday morning when I stood on the scale, it registered 175. That process of choosing some foods and not others, choosing some actions and not others, has taught me about simple steps of action.

It’s evident in our Bible reading at 7×7 and here. And there’s more. Much more.

So be prepared.

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