If this is the last coaching time together.

I watch “The Biggest Loser.” It was a big factor in my health journey, if for no other reason than I exercise while watching.

This season, there are three coaches. Each started the competition with several participants. This week, one coach was down to one person. If Danni lost the weigh-in, her coach lost as well. So her coach, Jillian, said “I need to teach you how to fight. If we are both gone next week, you will still have this skill.”

That statement has been ringing in my ears for two days. If this is the last time I write, if this is the last time we meet, if this is the last lesson, what do I want to make sure you know how to do? With January ending today, how am I preparing people?

And then I got an email from a friend, wondering about resources for a study of apologetics. (It’s not about apologizing, it’s about studying reasons for faith.) As we talked, I moved away from suggesting a video series into helping the group identify questions and then learn how to dig for answers. It’s teaching how to learn rather than just teaching content.

And then I started working on the next session for a study of Colossians I’m doing. I started to identify answers. I stopped. I realized that we can learn together how to use the resources the group members have in their Bibles.

And then I started thinking about the post I needed to write for today. I realized that I could talk about what I’m thinking about passing on skills by engaging people in conversation. But I’m not sure how, exactly.

What are some of the ways to engage in conversation, to teach learning, in a blog? Like this one. Any thoughts?

4 thoughts on “If this is the last coaching time together.

  1. Frank Reed


    I think the content is actually the easist part but it’s the presentation that impacts people.

    Where we don’t do enough is in video. People consume it so we should be using it more and it’s easier to return to. I try to do one minute each day to my kids so if I do get called home they still have something of me.

    Anyway, that has been on my mind lately.


  2. josephruizjr

    Jon, there is a lot that I learn from you when I thought about your question what comes to me is you allow us to “look over your shoulder” You don’t just present content you offer context you allow us an opening into how you think about things, sometimes the why. In a word you share your life in stories, case studies and examples those are quite effective. I admire the way you do this in multiple languages (not just church speak). What I like is the variety and the resources too BTW. For me, selfishly, you model courage and exploration by demonstrating a willingness to try new things and move on if they don’t appear to work.
    Thanks for all this.


  3. Rich Dixon

    I don’t knnow. I DO know that talking isnn’t teaching and listening isn’t learning, and blogs are too much talking and listening. I’m counting on you to figure out how to fix that and tell me. 🙂

    I’ve missed you. Last days have been nuts. All good stuff, but gotta get a handle on the schedule. Life in Florida is pretty darned nice.


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