More ways to read the Bible

Read it slow. Many books require chewing on the words to let the meaning soak in. See 1 Thessalonians.

Read it fast. Buy a Bible designed to let you read it all in a year with sections for each of the 365 days. Or go to, which has charts to let you read it online or offline, in several different ways.

Read it on the go. Several smartphone apps let you read a few minutes worth whenever you can fit it into your busy life. YouVersion is my favorite. And they are so open-handed that their web page links to several alternatives.

Read it in the morning and/or at night. If you are a morning person, reading the Bible first thing will let those good thoughts start your day right. If you’re a night person, reading just before you shut out the light will let your mind soak on those words all night long.

Read for the stories. Genesis has some of the most famous stories, and they’re good for all ages.

Read for the wisdom. God called Solomon the wisest human ever, and the book of Proverbs is filled with his thoughts.

Read it with others. Agree on a passage and read it at the same pace. Meet to talk about what you learned, just like a book club.

Read it out loud. You’ll hear things you wouldn’t otherwise.

Read several versions. You’ll get new perspective on a passage you can’t figure out. Bible Gateway has several versions online, so you can try before you buy.

Read what others have to say about it. Matthew Henry wrote a commentary that is free online or very cheap for your Kindle. He lived from 1662-1714 but has some incredible insights.

Go to a quiet place to read. You’ll hear more.

(Paul Merrill writes here every First Friday.)

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