How may I help you?

Before you write the email to pitch your book, Tim Grahl says, think about the reader.

“What does she want out of life? what stresses her out? What could I do to make her life easier? What is her daily job? Could I make that easier? Ultimately, how can I help her get what she wants out of life?”

I’ve started thinking a lot about those questions as we head into the sixth year of (Here’swhere we started). More accurately, I’ve been thinking a lot about you. I’m guessing that you have been thinking a lot about you the past few days, too.

In this time of reviewing the past year and reflecting on the new. there are some things that you are wanting to work out. There are some practical pieces of faith you may want some help with. There are some tools that you may wish you had.

Would you let me know what you would like my help with? If you read this by email, just hit “reply”. Or you can leave a comment below. Let me know your goals for the year or your three words or your resolutions. 


If one of your goals for 2014 is to try to understand the Bible better, I’d suggest that you get a copy of A Great Work, my book about Nehemiah. I wrote it to help my friends understand this book and person better. Nehemiah and I talk about following God, prayer, being a leader, dealing with conflicts, finding focus, and finishing strong. Along the way, I show you how to understand the lists of names that show up, how to sort through the choppiness of the story, and how you can follow threads all the way through the Old Testament.

I think it’s the best collection of my writing so far. It’s certainly the most fun I’ve ever had with Bible study. That got me in trouble on Monday. I was talking about some uncertainty I was feeling. My friend said, “I think you need to listen to Nehemiah. I think you need to do what he did.” He was right. 

Also, apparently it’s a good book to read while riding a stationary bike.


Tomorrow I’ll talk about my three words for 2014. And Friday I’ll tell you about my “Great Work Book Tour.”

One thought on “How may I help you?

  1. Joanna Paterson (@joannapaterson)

    I think – how to hold onto or to carve out space to think, to breathe, to hold fast, to reaffirm. How to make that space vivid and real and true in the face of demands, distractions, resistance and opposition.

    Thanks for everything you do and offer, with such honesty. It is that breath of openness that gets me every time.


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