Free! Word available for 2014 Three Words lists.

If you are looking for a word or goal for 2014, may I offer you one? It’s been slightly used for the past couple years, and I’ve found it very helpful. I think there is plenty of good life in it still.

It’s the word “prepare”.

I used it two ways during the past couple years. (You may find other ways to use it in 2014.) First, I used it to remind myself to prepare. Second, to remind me to prepare others.

I did some preparing myself this year. I took a course, my first grad-level course in decades. It was delightful exploration of spiritual formation. (See links below). I wrote about the idea of routine and then started practicing. I continues my physical health journey as well. I resisted the temptation to sign up for any marathons, but Nancy and I kept walking together.

I worked on preparing others as well. I taught a lot this year, in a men’s study, a college age class, our small group. I helped write a couple on-line courses, taught another. I kept writing here, and worked with Marc Pitman to send out daily Bible readings (which we ended December 21, having covered the whole Bible. I finished my Nehemiah book. I conversed a lot.

In both uses of the word, preparing myself and preparing others, I am aware of the need to learn more about intention and rest. Preparing may not mean that you know where you are going. That’s how it differs from planning. But it can include an awareness of preparing. That’s what helps you say yes and no. And preparing includes resting, sabbath, refreshment, recovery.

But you can work on those elements. I won’t be using the word “prepare” for 2014. I’ve got a new phrase that I’ll be using. I’ll tell you about it soon.


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2 thoughts on “Free! Word available for 2014 Three Words lists.

  1. Rich Dixon

    You say prepare, I say train…it’s about building capacity to handle what’s ahead rather than pretending I can manipulate circumstances to fit my desires. Interesting that thorough preparation includes a good plan that can be adapted.

    Happy New Year!


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