Who is this man?

The storm is getting worse by the minute. The small boat they are crossing the lake in is taking on so much water that it’s about to sink. He’s asleep in the back, even though water is splashing across his robe and the boat is rocking wildly. Who is this man?

They wake him up. “Don’t you care that we’re going to drown?” He gets up and tells the storm to be still. Deathly calm spreads across the lake. The clouds disappear and sun comes out. Who is this man?

I invite you to find out more about this man, Jesus. This story may be familiar to you. It is to me, but I’m learning new things about him by going through the four books in the Bible that are dedicated to his life: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Each one provides a different perspective on the life on Jesus, taking the viewpoint of each writer. Matthew includes details that are important to the Jews, who were expecting a savior, the Messiah. (He shows them that Jesus is that Messiah.) Mark gives a fairly short account, not even including the story of Jesus’ birth. Luke writes his account to a friend, Theophilus. John writes to those who were skeptical.

I have been reading these accounts slowly and am finding out new things about Jesus each day I read. Even if you have read these books 300 times, you will find something new about Jesus. Or if you’ve never read them, begin with Mark. Before you start reading each time, ask Jesus to show you new things about himself.

You don’t have to read slowly. Dedicate a free afternoon to reading as much as you can. You’ll get the view from an airplane, rather than from the walking path.

Dive in!

(Paul Merrill writes here every First Friday.)