More about distractions

Jon and I both struggle with distraction. His recent post on being distracted got me thinking further (once I focused a little and pushed a few distractions out of the way).

What did Jesus do? He had to deal with a lot more distraction than I do, since he was extremely popular. Three incidents show his struggles with trying to get something done and being pulled away.

  1. Jesus was on his way to heal a man’s daughter. A sick woman reached out to touch his robe. She felt that would be enough to bring healing. He stopped. We learn that he was willing to put aside his agenda to deal with another need. How often are we willing to set aside our agenda to help someone?
  2. Jesus was at the point in his life where people were chasing after him for healing all the time. He knew that he had to get away to pray. We need to do the same when life presses in so much we can hardly breathe.
  3. He was preaching to a packed room. Lots of noise came from the ceiling and bits of roof started falling onto the listeners. Talk about distraction! Four buddies of a paralyzed man wanted to see him healed so much that they cut a hole through the roof of that house to get him to Jesus. (We never learn of what the house owner thought of this.) This one – Jesus simply did what was necessary – he stopped his preaching and healed the guy. We should put aside our plans to do what’s more pressing.
  4. Jesus was spending a long time in the wilderness, connecting with his father. Satan came along with some major distractions. Jesus fought back with Scripture. Let’s keep the Bible in our hearts.