a couple answers

I often ask questions that I have not yet answered. Monday’s post asked two such questions, about Spartan races and ninety days.

  • As I thought about the Spartan question, I realized that the extreme experiences created in this country are often everyday life in others. For example, traveling three or more miles under barbed wire, through mud, and over obstacles can get you a finishers medal in a Spartan sprint, or it can keep you alive in parts of Africa.
  • Trying to figure out spiritual Spartan events got me thinking about events like extreme family reunions. You have to show up on time, pray for each person you see (inside your head), forgive at least one person, spend half the time on the edges of the room, talking with the odd cousins, and never once responding to Aunt Helen’s repeated attempts to get you to agree with her assessments of Uncle Al, Grandma Franks, and the odd cousins.
  • In the next ninety days some significant family challenges will need to be sorted out, I need to understand more of my study of 2 Timothy, and I need to clarify and distill what I do. But really, the next ninety days need to teach me a new level of discipline.
  • Okay, if I were talking to you, I would never let you get away with that last paragraph. I would push at you until you said, “Begin writing a “Great Work” style book on 2 Timothy, practice saying ‘I tell Bible stories’ until you are sure it’s your focus, and clearly outline your Sunday morning and Wednesday evening teaching plans for three months.” Okay then.
  • Maybe the biggest challenge is simply spending 15 minutes every morning reading Jesus’ words from one of the Gospels and doing what he said. At least for a day.

I’m curious. What do you want out of the next 90 days? Send me an email at 90days@300wordsaday.com and let me know.

And here’s a calendar to show you what 90 days looks like.