Revisiting “A Great Work”

I wrote a book last year about Nehemiah. It’s called A Great Work: A Conversation With Nehemiah For People (Who Want To Be) Doing Great Works.  Some of you have seen it and have even read it. I am very grateful to you.

I haven’t talked about it for awhile but I wanted to give you an update.

  • Back in February, a few people read it together. Right now, a bunch of people at a church in Michigan are starting to study it together. And others have shared it with friends and family members. I’m grateful for Joe and Allen and Rob and David and Scott and others for taking the risk. (If you are interested in a bulk purchase, contact me at jon [at] 300wordsaday [dot] com.)
  • Joe Ruiz wrote a review on Amazon that captures what I was trying to do in this project: I love the way Jon is able to capture the wisdom and insight of an ancient character in a way that is so relevant you’ll think Nehemiah recently passed away. The probing questions are a familiar trademark of Jon’s curious approach to the Gospel. While true to scripture he is able to extend the conversation in a way that will draw you in from the very beginning. I considered this work an integral part of my daily devotions, as soon as Lent is over I’ll switch back to Nehemiah. This book is excellent for personal or small group studies, or it’s appropriate for a Sunday School curriculum.
  • I created an infographic about the book of Nehemiah to capture some of the facts, some of the flow of what happened. It’s not an outline of my book but an overview of his.
  • If you are trying to find a gift for a grad or for a dad or for a beach read this summer, consider “A Great Work.”

Thanks for your patience and encouragement. I’m getting excited about where we’ll be going for 90 days starting May 12. I think you’ll be excited, too.


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