a fist-sized rock

“What do you need from the next three months?”

We talked about this question last week. Answers include

  • I need to find out what my life is going to be.
  • I need to find out whether God loves me.
  • I need to build some direction.
  • I need to resolve some complications.
  • And I need structure.
  • And I need a plan.

I’ve started look ahead at the next 90 days, from today until August 10. And I think that if part of what you need is knowing God better, I can help. Or maybe, more accurately, I can provide structure for thinking about and talking to God, structure for living toward faith.

For the next thirteen Mondays, I’m going to give us 13 projects or assignments or invitations. What you do with them is up to you. But they are helping me live a bit more intentionally.

The first one is simple.

Pick up a fist-sized rock every day.

Keep them all in the same place. Next to your bed. In the console of your car. Every day. A fist-sized rock.

collecting rocks“Jon, but why?”

Are you going to ask why every time?


How much do you trust me? As far as you can throw a rock?

“About that.”

So do something simple, something achievable. Pick up a rock. It won’t cost you much at all in time or effort. If I show you how it matters, you might trust me with the next step.
“So where do I find these rocks?”

Wherever. From the hedgerow of a field. From the landscaping in front of your house. From a gravel parking lot. From a vacant lot.

“Isn’t it stealing? You are starting us on this project by asking us to steal?”

Pick up a fist-sized rock every day. I’ll tell you more next Monday.


Here’s a calendar to show you what 90 days looks like.

9 thoughts on “a fist-sized rock

  1. Rich Dixon

    But what if the thing I need in the next 90 days is to get rid of all the rocks in my life? (Sorry…couldn’t resist) 🙂 I’m intrigued…will it be an alter like Joshua? A wall like Nehemiah? A time to scatter stones or a time to gather stones together? Are we gonna put them in a jar?


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