Setting down gratitude.

I’m sitting in my office at church on Sunday evening. Hope’s in the gym rehearsing for a worship time. Singing, praying, listening, laughing, being together. That’s what happens in these gatherings we have every few months. I’m grateful for them.

grabillMy friend Lee leads us and works hard to not work hard. He creates space for us. And most of the other people on the platform and running tech are friends of mine. I’m grateful for the community that Lee has cultivated in our worship team, grateful for the people who trust his leadership and trust each other’s music.

And that kind of reflective gratefulness is what I want to invite  you into this week. It’s one more rock-picking project for you. Pick up a rock, a fist -sized rock. And when you set it down, be grateful.  But not in an abstract way, “I’m grateful”. Be specifically grateful for something that someone has done: “I’m grateful for the stone from the river in Chiang Mai my friends brought me.” “I’m grateful for the encouraging note from my friend.” “I’m grateful for the prompt to pick up a rock on Easter Monday.”

This could be a David kind of thing, picking up five smooth stones this week, and taking aim at the giant of ingratitude in your heart. This could be a prayer kind of thing, bending before God five times this week. This could be a really hard thing to remember in a week that is full of pain. I understand. But one reflection about gratitude to hang onto each day, that might be a helpful thing to have.

You can put the stone on your pile of rocks, with the stones you didn’t throw at someone. Or you may want to put the five stone on your dresser or bedside table or desk.  That’s up to you.

I’m just grateful you are reading this.

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