Deep breath.

Dear friends.

I’m taking a break. I’m not sure for how long.

I’ve got too many things happening right now to be able to reflect well enough here.

101_1225.JPGNancy’s mom is pretty sick. Nancy’s been there a lot during the past five months. We’re guessing that there isn’t much time left. Her dad is doing well for an 89-year-old with his own health struggles.

My mom’s living with Alzheimer’s. She still knows us. She just doesn’t know when and where very well.

I’m teaching a college class for the first time in twenty years. Online.

I’m getting ready for an overseas trip in March. It involves some preparation now. (If you want to know more, write to me. I’ll tell you off blog.)

I’ve started too many writing and mentoring projects that are going unfinished.

If I were talking to someone else, I would say “What can you take a break from, just to catch your breath?” And the answer is that I need to take a break from a daily deadline. And not setting a return date helps me have that break.

Paul Merrill has a great post for this Friday. And then I’ll be back sometime.

Thank you for your encouragement and prayer and presence.

With deep affection,


17 thoughts on “Deep breath.

  1. Joe Crockett


    You sound like you have an extremely busy life right now and I think you are wise in your course of action. I will miss seeing your posts but I’m glad you have a good sense of what is best for you and your family.

    Take care,



  2. Carla Ruiz

    Jon, Thank YOU for your faithfulness in serving….and for taking a break and modeling this for others. May the Lord bless you on every front and continue to direct your path; may he give you joy, rest, and continued wisdom. Carla Ruiz

    Carla Ruiz, ACC Leadership Development Coach & IT Coordinator

    LUCK COMPANIES™ P.O Box 29682 Richmond, VA 23242

    TEL 804-784-8282 MOB 804-426-6130 EML WEB



  3. Hugh McDevitt

    Jon, I’ll miss your posts, but taking care of yourself and your family has to come first. God will lead you back here when the time is right.

    Hugh McDevitt


  4. Bill Hanifin

    Jon, I have truly valued your writings over the past year or two. I’ve shared out many posts among family and friends and often have received the word back that “this one hit me at just the right time”.

    In other words, your work carries weight and has helped many people.

    Peace be with you in your pursuits over these next months and we hope to hear some occasional updates and, we hope, your return to regular blogging when you are ready.

    Bless you!



  5. Johanna Fenton

    Breaks are awesome. ‘Nuff said.
    And God designed breaks (Sabbath) so we can “re-deploy energy to the neighborhood” in Walter Brueggemann’s words. Feed your neighborhood – the one that’s calling you right now.


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